Nikon D70s

I’ve dabbled in photography for years. Nothing professional, only as an enthusiest. I’ve acquired and sold different cameras, lenses, filters, flashes, light modifiers, etc.

Infrared (IR) photography caught my attention most recently and has sparked a renewed interest in photography. While composing the photograph is still an essential piece, the post prosessing is where the real art comes in. Black & white, color, HDR, long exposure and panorama are just few of the options. And then there are variations on those variations. The list goes on.

My first experience in IR happened when I sent my Nikon D70s to LifePixel for conversion to full time IR with the Super Color Filter. I was amazed at how skin textures were effected by IR. Clouds, trees and plants took on a new appearance. HDR went to deeper depths than I had experienced before.

I am still learning and still experimenting. Other cameras have been converted to IR so my D70s has not seen too much activity lately. Because of that I am offering my IR converted D70s for sale. It is a great camera that produces great photos. I am the original owner and have taken great care of it. It is in terrific working and cosmetic condition.

I’m including all the original items with the sale such as the Nikon 18-70mm lens, strap, battery and charger, etc. Also added is a CD I purchased at the same time that covers everything you need to know about the D70. It was tremendously helpful when learning the ins and outs of the camera.

Included items:
Original Box
Nikon D70s body
Nikon lens 18-70mm with cap
Nikon Camera Strap
Original User Guide
Nikon EN-EL3a Battery & Charger
2GB Lexar Professional CompactFlash card
(Card holds 358 RAW files or 583 large JPEGs)

I’m also including the Nikon D70 DSLR CD by Peter iNova which has a 375 page ebook about the D70 and photography.

If you are interested in buying it please contact me from my contact form.  I will be happy to speak with you about it.